Device names seem to be lost while roaming

In my experimenting and playing, it seems like device names disappear when roaming. I have lots of iOS devices, and I purposefully have them set so they will still broadcast their device name.
Interestingly, when I first get home, my phone’s device name will show up. However, once it has roamed between APs a few times, the device name disappears and goes back to “No name”. I am tracking this by MAC address, which is not changing.

I think this is still an iOS thing. Names/device type never worked right for me with iOS devices even on other platforms.

Hmmm, interesting. Thanks for the report! Do you use Private Wi-Fi Address on these devices? That does seem to cause issues with hostname resolution on some other vendors’ hardware. I can’t personally comment on ours as I just get some APs up, but I would like to do some testing and follow up with you.

I assume you’re noticing the hostname disappearing from web management or the app? Or elsewhere? By chance, does it seem like there is a threshold of time and/or roams for this issue to become noticeable?

Hi Mike. I am purposefully not using Private Wi-Fi addresses, so that the hostnames show up. It happens very quickly for me. Within 5 minutes or just a few roams. Once the name is gone, it will not return on its own. You have to shut off Wi-Fi on the phone, go to the devices page and forget the device, then turn Wi-Fi back on, on the phone.

For the time being I am always referring to web management. I am not using the app until it matures a lot more.

If I pull up the device card, change the icon, and hit “save” the device name shows back up… But this disconnect and reconnects my phone and drops Wi-Fi calling as well.

Thanks for the info and confirming! I figured you wouldn’t be using the randomized MAC given what you mentioned, but I wanted to be sure. I have not yet tested this, but hope to get to it this evening. Sounds easy enough to replicate too… Thanks for the report. I will follow up