Delete SSID issue

Hi! I’m unable to delete test/old SSID’s.

Settings->All site-> swipe left on SSID->hit delete on pop up.

Tried adding the SSID’s to a test site, relogging in and still cannot get them deleted. No devices are connected to them either.

Any ideas on a fix/workaround?


@JP123 Thanks for the post! Would you mind sharing what type and version of mobile OS you are running? Also, can you confirm the version of the mobile app you are running? We do not have any active reports of the swipe to delete not working, but we would be happy to dive into what you are experiencing so we can make sure we are getting it resolved for you.

Absolutely! iPhone 14Pro Max, iOS 17.3, Alta 1.2.4 (162)

I first noticed this about a month ago, fwiw.

I was able to reproduce with both the production and the new TestFlight version. I’ll get this reported to the devs. Thanks for the report!

Edit: I stand corrected, there is already a ticket for this bug so it’s already on the radar!

@JP123 Thanks for the quick reply! You are in good hands with @Alta-Matt_v2

@Alta-Matt_v2 Thanks for jumping in!

Thanks team!

Forgot about the web app, so not a huge priority to fix (for me at least) :slight_smile:

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