Dashboard Access Issues

Hello All,

anyone else having Dashboard access issues?

I get logged in, but I am having issues loading the pages. I have tried multiple browsers, multiple systems and from different sites.

Is there some kind of backend upgrade going on that I just missed?



Looks like it’s crashed to me simply spinning.

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I let @Alta-Stephen know in the help chat. They are working on it! Something is up with the portal as a whole.

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@CarlH thats what im seeing too.

@rutman286 you rock! that was my next step, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me or my account.

@rutman286 Thank you for letting everyone know! Gotta love those outages :joy:

We will post an update on this post once it has been resolved.

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@Alta-Stephen I :heart: Outages… lol

Sorry guys, gotta love global AWS outages :slight_smile:

Should be coming back up all around now. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll analyze after, and let us know if you have any questions, or further issues!


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No apologies necessary! We appreciate how attentive you all are at getting back to us. The AWS outage today has been a mess for a lot of folks.


I will say, that my networks, never went down…I just couldn’t add anything…so thats a good sign. Great Job and Response Alta Team!


Excellent point Eric… My networks never missed a beat, just had to be patient and wait for UI access.