Contact form is broken

Hi all.

I reported this a few weeks back but it didn’t seem to be fixed?
I’ve tested it on two browsers so I am pretty sure its the website but happy to be proven wrong.
If you fill out your details here:

If you click on the “Your Message” box and type something then hit enter for the next line it just submits the ticket/form instead.

Hi I just tried it, and it seems to be working for us. Can you post a screenshot or details of what’s not working?

We figured out what’s occurring, and sorry about that! We didn’t realize that was how the form operated.

As you’ve noticed, you can’t press enter to insert a line break, it’ll just submit the form. When looking back through form submissions we have enough duplicate ones that many others are also expecting it to work as such.

So we’re discussing changes internally, and should have improvements implemented soon. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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