Connection strength RAW, not showing in mobile app

Edit: this is in iOS. Using 1.2.12 (293) TestFlight build.

If it’s on icon view and I tap the icon:

If I set to raw:

Also, I prefer the signal to be raw rather than icon, but something keeps changing it back to icon in the preferences. Grr. Not sure when it happens. It stays that way as I’m using the interface, but at some point it reverts.

I would suggest to add that as a feature request. From personal experience, I was able to see a quick turnaround after giving all the needed detail.

Are you in the any iOS or Android beta?

I’m not requesting a feature though. You can set the view to raw, and at some point the setting gets reverted back to the icon. The setting doesn’t stay set.

Added to my thread that I’m using iOS.

Thanks for catching that @mikesg Its with our app team now. We will get it resolved ASAP.

@mikesg Dev team has it resolved. We will be releasing to Beta Testers via Test Flight here shorty for a short period as the build includes some additional bug fixes. Then we will roll into a production release. Thanks again for reporting!

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@mikesg Are you on our Test Flight?

Yes! Am traveling for a few weeks but just tested. Looks great! Some feedback:

  • TestFlight now shows changes and what to test. Awesome!
  • I like how the signal strength is highlighted in an element box.
  • If I’m being picky, I would have a little more contrast in the signal text and background color. Numbers like 3, 6 and 8 required a little longer glance to be certain.