Connecting to a POE (non plus) switch?

Wondering what happens if you try and plug one of the AP 6 Pro’s into a switch only capable of POE

Is it a case of it won’t work or just it it’s performance will be hobbled?

I have 2 similar TP-link switches at home but only one of them is POE+ (I’ll look to replace them later).

Getting 2 AP 6 Pro’s to play with plan is to switch out my TPlink EAP-225’s

You can use passive PoE as well (or standard PoE) as long as it’s 48V. We do recommend PoE+ but older standards will work as well.

For instance, I’m using passive PoE injectors 48V / 1A and it works fine.

AP seems to be working, although I’m not sure what it will do if it can’t pull enough power.

I’ll probably look to replace that switch with one that can support POE+, but options are somewhat limited as I want SFP uplinks and Fanless (Or at least Smart Fan’s that only spin up if the temperature requires it)

How many ports do you want, and is your switch rack mount or not? If you are looking for 24 port rack mount, I absolutely love the Mikrotik CRS328-24p. MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products: CRS328-24P-4S+RM

If you are looking for smaller, there are options all over the place. FS has a bunch of switches in the category now.

OR, you can wait for Alta to start releasing their own line of switches that are coming soon :slight_smile:

I did look at mikrotik css610_8p_2s_in however If I do replace the switches I may get some with some 2.5G ports as well.

I have that css610_8p_2s_in. If you don’t HAVE to have 2.5G right now, it’s a great little switch. I totally get the want for 2.5G though.