Compatibility with firewalla and Alta Labs

I’m curious how the Alta Labs access points work with Firewalla devices. Many users now use Aruba, Eero, Unifi or Tp link access points with firewalla. for example eero as I use it only works well in Bridge mode. now I’m curious how the ap6 handles this and works well. I’m thinking about switching to Alta because of the limited information Eero gives, and making choices for yourself. but don’t want to degrade in speed or stability of my current network. Or are there any reviews with this setup? I couldn’t find them here and on the known Firewalla and reddit forums. thank you

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Hi @Mollie I’m not too familiar with Firewalla, but I don’t see why there’d be any issues :slight_smile:

If you do try it out let us know how it works…

I am using a Firewalla Purple and haven’t noticed anything too weird. I have an issue with Blink Cameras but that may be unrelated. Besides that, devices connect and get an IP just fine. If you have VLANs setup any configurations in the SSID are followed. Anything specific you’d like me to test out?


So, we are using the Firewalla Gold and I haven’t found any issues. Our Firewalla has all the Nerd Knobs enabled (we are trying to kill it…hehehe and we are failing…hehehe). To be completely transparent, we ARE running beta code.


No thanks fine for now. I am following your Blink post also. I have them to.
Tnx again

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