Cloud Control to Local Control Migration

I deleted my APs from cloud control 1 at a time and they each showed up to add to the local controller. My first AP added no problem but my other 2 and my switch just get stuck on “disconnected” after being added.

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 1.57.44 AM
After a factory reset I no longer get the activate screen I get this?

From Memory, you just copy and paste the URL of the controller and then hit the connect to controller button

Exactly what user 19 said. Simply copy the local. domain into there and it will show up in your local controller :slight_smile:

Yeah it didn’t have a URL after reset. I figured it out IP had changed and I was able to get it setup again.

IP changed after the reset and it had a new local URL. Found the new IP was able to get it setup again and finally got all APs to transfer over.

Awesome! Did you set the IP static now?

My APs and switch are static. Where is the setting for the controller IP?

There isn’t one at the moment - you will need to set a static via your router etc.

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That’s what I figured