Clients disconnected with portal change

Hey alta team,

Even after the 2.0o release I am still seeing all clients getting disconnected for a few seconds after making a change in the management portal. For example, if I change a device’s name or icon, the issue is triggered.

I assume this is not the expected behavior?

I don’t think either should be causing the radios to restart or anything like that. I’ll double check and, if it’s not expected, create a bug. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Actually, I’m unable to reproduce this. At least not with my normal setup.

Is this the web UI or the mobile app? If web UI, which browser? If mobile app, iOS or Android?

I’m using Firefox 126.0 on MacOS. Tried with private browsing as well in case it was a cache/cookies issue but had the same result.

I can’t seem to reproduce with Firefox but the OS shouldn’t play a role.

Can you invite me to the site, please? I’ll DM you the email address to use.

I just accidentally re-posted this same problem… it is happening to me as well now. All of my switches and APs are on their respective latest firmwares.

I have confirmed it does not matter what browser I am on either. Renaming any device in the list that is on WiFi causes all clients to momentarily disconnect.

@rutman286 Matt let me know he is working with a dev on the issue a few days ago