Check WAN Latency (latency/packet loss/jitter) and speed from AP to Internet

To be sure that the AP’s have a proper Internet connection and no error/packet loss, is it possible that the AP itself do performance checks to some measurements hosts on the Internet ?
This could help to see if one AP has a bad connection (faulty cable or switchport).

As an ISP engineer we let our CPE’s do ping tests to some measurements host in our own netwerk (Or the classic ping

Next to that we have an option to start a speedtest that is triggered from the CPE to our own 100G speedtest server. This gives us a clear view what the maximum capacity is of our uplink connection.
In the Alta case, this could help to see what the maximum backbone capacity is of the AP…


im using uptime kuma internally so im running pings to the ap all the time
My kitchen ap this has the longest run

Nice graphs. Is this Grafana ?

I have a customer that has 5 of these AP Pro’s. As I don’t want to have some extra internal measurements box, I woud like to have Alta implement this functions from the AP.

Maybe an export option from the controller to my own Influx/Grafana setup would also be nice!

@regchan Thanks for posting! We do plan on adding a cable test between our switches and APs as a paid feature. There have been talks of adding an iperf3 client test as well.