CHECK THIS OUT ! The Alta Labs Ap's mesh, and they do a WICKED JOB DOING IT!

I didn’t have any faith in this MESH stuff because every manufacture’s meshing sucks, always issues, tons of looping and network outages. Unifi is the worst for this feature.

However I gave it a try and was shocked so much i did a video on it ! Yes i DISLIKE" Unifi 100%


Ya UniFi mesh is weak. I thought they would be better than most of the rest. Wrong. Going to try a Alta Labs starter kit.

Naturally we avoid mesh in General, wherever we can. But sometimes situations warrant mesh.

That’s a great one! I wanted to do something like that for my RV. Connect the Wifi6 AP to the 8ports switches to have good wifi speed while working in my RV.

Seems that the Mesh in Alta is another level! That is quite interesting, would like to try it sometime myself :slight_smile: