Channel and Bandwidth selection

Hi - A few weeks ago, I installed one AP6 Pro and was really happy with the performance. Ping, Latency, D/load, Upload were all pretty much the same as the stats from the wired LAN connection directly to the fibre. I was blown away by how super the performance was.
I decided to extend the wifi out across my entire property, and installed 5 more AP6 Pros. My overall performance (on the above metrics) have dropped and before I go manually troubleshooting, ?I was wondering if there any relevant advices or experiences that could be shared in order to avoid this issue. Eg. Not leaving channel selection to Auto, and pre- defining them… or changing the bandwidth selections to different values from AP to AP. Or anything else.

Thanks in advance

Hi @RM1982
Are all of the APs hardwired via Ethernet, or are you using the uplink (mesh) capability?

Also, if they’re nearby, they could possibly be some interference issues. You could try reducing the channel bandwidth and see if that helps, especially with stability…