Certain clients unable to connect

I have multiple AP6-Pros and have not been able to get certain clients to connect. Wondering if anyone is having or had similar issues.

Nvidia Shield Pro
Eight Sleep Pod 2 (2.4ghz model)

Hi, do you have any of the advanced features enabled? WPA3, Fast-Roaming, etc?

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I had WPA3 turned on. Turning that off allowed me to connect. Thanks @Alta-MattH

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I didnt realize that WPA3 was WPA3 only. Are there plans for a transition mode?

I believe if you set WPA3 to “On” rather than “Required”, it is basically transition mode. However, that is causing SSID multi-password issues with VLANS, so use with caution.

I should clarify more. Currently, WPA3 does not currently support multi-password SSIDs, so if you want to use that feature you need to stick with WPA2 for now.

I do not have multi passwords set for my SSID since WPA3 doesn’t support Multi-PSK.

I can confirm that WPA3 was set to “On” and the devices above were unable to connect.

Do you know if you also had the PMF toggle on or off? When I was experimenting with WPA3 “transitional” mode, I had success with WPA3 set to on, and PMF also toggled on.

I would recommend not enabling WPA3 (yet), unless all of your devices support it. There is still work being done on WPA3, and it should improve in the future to support legacy devices, but for now WPA2 is still the industry standard.

The only advanced settings I had on were fast roaming and WPA3.