Can you refine Wi-Fi scheduling a bit more please

Hi Guys, just received my test kit started testing features that are important to most of my customers. One feature that many customers like is WIFI scheduling. The way you seem to have approached WIFI scheduling is by blocking the network traffic for the selected SSID.

  • What if the customer would like a certain SSID to stop broadcasting at a certain group of Access Point
  • What if the customer would like to completely turn off the entire WAP? Would be great if there was a feature for this maybe once you have the on premises controller ← for this one I have a work around by remote disabling the POE Port on the switch via a script.

I’ll add more questions :slight_smile:


For certain access points, you could leverage the color coding. Provided you don’t have any conflicts, this should work. But without more detail for what you need done, that’s the most refined suggestion I could provide right now.

For disabling the entire AP, I assume given the context, you want an automated way of doing this. You can set the schedule to the full 24 hours across all 7 days if needed, although the obvious response in that scenario is why have the AP using that SSID. Again, without more context, that’s the most refined suggestion I can provide.