Can we down / up a single port on the switch?

Is there a way to down / up a single port? I had an instance today where I set a VLAN wrong on a window PC port. I set it correctly, but then I needed to down / up the port to get windows to pay attention again.

If you’re referring to up/down as in a Layer 1 link which it sounds like you are, yes you can.

  1. Click on the desired port
  2. Click the dropdown for Mode
  3. Middle option/3rd from the top is Disable, click that

If you’re referring to powercycling a PoE port, as in Shut off power to a port, wait a few seconds, enable power again, that is not available just yet. Of course, it can still be done manually.

@rutman286 was it the Layer 1 link or the PoE you were referring to? Did the steps I provide help or resolve your issue?