BUG on controller interface

Using chrome (version 120.0.6099.129) I have 2 sites setup, 2 APs on my home site and a switch on 1 and 1 AP on another.
I have 4 SSIDs with some colors:

  • SSID 1 - black
  • SSID 2 - blue - tied to the AP on the 2nd site
  • SSID 3 - pink and green
  • SSID 4 - pink and green
  1. In settings >WiFi I have only show current site unchecked
  2. refresh the page and verify all the SSIDs have all the correct colors
  3. check only show current site
  4. SSID 2 is gone but the colors are in the same order with the bottom colors gone, sites show accurate.
  • SSID 1 - black
  • SSID 3 - blue
  • SSID 3 - pink and green
  1. check and uncheck only show current site reproduced the behavior

Let me know if you need any more details.

Hi, any chance you can invite me to your sites so I can take a look? matt@alta.inc


Hi @Alta-MattH had invited you but was around the holidays so not sure if you had been able to reproduce this.


@Alta-MattH still seeing this in my browser (Version 121.0.6167.139 (Official Build) (arm64))
Attaching a gif to highlight what occurs when I check and uncheck the “only show current site”

Thank you