BSS minrate/Min RSSI

I’ve seen just a couple of comments on this previously, but will there ever be settings to control bss minrate/min rssi? It would be helpful to push a client to another AP using these. Is that what ‘Airtime Efficiency’ is supposed to assist with?

I can confirm that minimum RSSI support is definitely on our roadmap.

While minimum RSSI directly influences the minimum signal strength required for devices to maintain connection to an AP, effectively controlling the cell size, an alternative approach involves using airtime efficiency which is minimum data rate control. This method dictates the lowest data rates that a connected device must support, leading to dropped frames if the device cannot comply. This indirectly impacts cell size by ensuring that only devices capable of maintaining efficient communication are kept connected.

Both methods aim to optimize network performance in multi-AP environments by managing the coverage area and ensuring efficient use of available bandwidth. However, they come with distinct design considerations. Minimum RSSI focuses on signal strength and distance from the AP, which is straightforward but can inadvertently affect devices on the edge of the coverage area. On the other hand, minimum data rate control prioritizes the efficiency of data transmission, which can enhance overall network performance but may exclude devices incapable of higher speeds.

It’s essential to consider these trade-offs when designing your network to balance coverage, capacity, and performance effectively.