Broadcast Storm & Crashed Switches

I have three (3) S16-POE in pre-deplyment testing with an AP6 hanging off each and to check how a switch will handle someone mistakenly cross connecting them I ‘on purpose’ did so…

Well it did not go well, all three switches became unresponsive and froze, even after removing the offending cable they didn’t recover, I had to power cycle them manually.

Am I missing a setting ? RSTP on ‘another’ brand just shuts the offending port down and we continue on our merry way with a report emailed about the port being blocked etc…

So loop detection actually isn’t implemented yet. However, it is in active development.

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That would be it then!

I think the target is the next firmware update for the switch, but that could change. It’ll definitely be mentioned in the release notes when we do release it, so if you subscribe to that topic you’ll get a notification when it comes out.

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