Blocking wireless clients

I blocked a client in the management portal…and now I can’t find a list of blocked clients. Can someone tell me where there might be a list of blocked clients?


There currently isn’t a specific location to see only blocked clients. However, you can still unblock them as they’ll show up in the list of devices (you may need to broaden your time frame if they don’t appear).

Once you locate the client, simply clicked the Play button:
Top is a blocked client
Bottom is an unblocked but connected client

Thank you. It is very odd…I blocked a client and it doesn’t show as blocked anywhere as far back as it will go on the time frame, but it cannot connect. I get some kind of odd things happening at times in the web interface though. I assume it is due to using Firefox and having it set to maximum privacy mode.
One thing I notice a lot is that the web interface doesn’t report hostnames a lot. I have a ton of clients named “No Name”. Is there some way to fix that?

Thanks again!

Here is what I ended up doing.
I have logs going to a syslog server, so I looked in those logs, found the MAC address of the device by finding the following log:
“2024-01-28 08:07:15”,“error”,“daemon”,“hostapd”,“X.X.X.X”," : Might kick due to ACL reject (if not mesh)" (redacted MAC, random string of characters and IP addresses)

I took the MAC address from that log line and found it in the web interface. It wasn’t showing as blocked, so I blocked it, waited about 5 seconds and then the “play” button showed up, so I clicked on it and the client was unblocked.

Interesting, how long has that device been blocked?

As for the hostname resolution, there’s a huge number of reasons why this might occur. A good example is your iPhones/iPads and/or Androids having the WiFi privacy enabled where they use a randomized MAC when they associate to the WiFi network, that will mess with the vendor detection as you can imagine, as the first 6 octets of a MAC address tells you who the vendor is. This also usually disables the host name resolution, leading to “No Name” being displayed.

Some hosts also simply don’t have hostnames assigned, obviously, so that will also do it.

It was blocked for about a day (less than 24 hours). I understand the MAC changing and thought that may be a contributing factor, but hadn’t had it impact the hostname that showed up. I have my DHCP server setting DNS and I have my DNS servers added into the APs, so I assumed it would pick it up. No big thing though, not a real concern, just something that caught my attention.

It definitely should’ve shown in the 2D time frame filter but yeah, without knowing the MAC and having “None” as the hostname wouldn’t help much.

I’ll see if we can get blocked as a filter status for an upcoming cloud release.