Best place for bug report? - S8 Switch Link Lights

I’m not sure If this is the best place for bug reports but here it goes and this is by no means a major issue but it is repeatable on my end.

Testing out the S8 switch before deployment and we do that by pretty much going through every single menu item. On the switch under settings you can disable the link lights and it works fine. However when we re enable them they will not reactivate until we reboot the switch. Not a huge deal since we probably will always have them set one way or the other but thought I would point it out. Not sure if this is a problem on the 16 or 24 yet although we will be deploying those models in the future.

Really like the Alta product…hopeful on what the future brings.

This is a known issue and we’re hoping to fix it in the next firmware release. A workaround (for now, of course) is to simply reboot the switch.