Bad Cable or Termination?

Ok so first this issue isn’t related to an Alta AP directly it happened with the last AP there too. But i’ve got a wall jack and the connection is 1GB at first but then it will drop that and go to 10/100 and unplugging the cable (from either end) and plugging it back in will negotiate at gigabit again. Sometimes it will work at gigabit for days weeks or months sometimes with won’t last 30 seconds. I will see the link light on the switch go on and off a couple times and then goes to 10/100 and stays there. The 10/100 connection never drops or looses the link. It’s not the switch or AP as the issue has followed different equipment. Worst part is this cable was one that was run during building and goes through a few rooms and downstairs so it’s not easily replaceable. But before i mess with it what are the chances it’s just a bad termination?

That’s very plausible. Are you comfortable with terminating Ethernet cable? Do you have any slack at either end?

Do you know if it’s solid or stranded core cable? The ends vary. Even the wrong ends can technically cause what you’re seeing. You can get ones that work for both, but usually they’re slightly more expensive. Just something to be mindful of.

If you’re comfortable, and have a bit of extra cable at each end, then I would say go for it. Ideally I would recommend cutting back a couple inches at each end, if possible. Worst case, if everything is done correctly, it will be no worse than it is now.


Anytime I’ve had link issues like this, it’s always been a bad termination or punch down. Are you plugging the AP directly into the cable or is the cable terminated into a keystone and then you are running another cable from keystone to AP? Reason I ask is because I’ve come across some junk quality keystones and have fixed link issues by replacing those.


Oh yea i can do it I was the one who did it originally which is probably the issue :joy: . Every time i think about redoing it i just don’t end up doing it so figured i’d ask around first.

Alright i reterminated it and so far it’s been working longer than it has for the past 2 weeks so finger crossed knocks on wood.

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Most defenitely cable/termination. This is pretty syandard behaviour of cable or terminination issues. In your case i hope that retermination worked out.

No worries. I think everyone likely makes a bad cable every once in a while at least. I’ll admit to having to re-terminate cables before; while rare, it happens. I’m glad to hear things are working well since you’ve done that, and I hope it persists.

It got better but still not 100%. I’m going to check the other termination in the line and see. I suspect the cable may be going bad. It’s from 2005 when the house was built. For some reason the original owners ran 2 cables from 2 jacks in the room over the gaarge down to 1 jack in a downstairs room. I disconnected the upstairs jack and ran it to my netowork rack so i could have it for my downstairs AP. But it’s a weird run so it would be a pain to replace the cable.

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Just remove the cable and go wireless :wink:

Lmao that’s what happens half the time when it drops the connection it just goes mesh.

Well update on this I got my 24 Port Alta switch and going on 4 days with no drop out. I don’t think my last switch was the issue because it happened with my UI switch before that too. But I guess the Alta switch is just a miracle worker?