Automatic Speedtest

Hello. Can you please install an automated speed test that shows the speed of the internet connection over a certain period of time in a graphic.

This is something we’d consider after the router comes out.

Having the speedtests come from the APs could be relatively difficult to achieve while not really giving the most accurate results. For example, if there’s a location that has 6 APs, you’d have to schedule the tests so they don’t overlap to get the best results. While the tests are running, your APs’ resources will be divided; WiFi will degrade but still be present, thus skewing the internet test results because wireless clients will be attempting to use the WiFi. In either case, you wouldn’t get accurate results.

However, doing a single speed test from the router’s LAN side (so it’s subject to firewall rules, IDS rules, IPS rules, etc etc during off hours would yield the most accurate results for actual internet speed on top of encompassing the entire wired network as opposed to a single wired client (the AP).

I was wondering why you didn’t have a router option… any planned time frame for this?

We will be coming out with at least one router in 2024. Our CEO posted an open forum of sorts on what features our customers are looking for in a router. Feel free to add any suggestions there.