Auto channel selection

How often does the APs challenge the current selected channel if set on Auto? (only on startup or once in a while and move around?)
I poked around and set some various channels for test and then went back to auto again on both my APs.
It seems they both went with channel 6 for the 2.4 Ghz network. Will they do another sweep and one of them will move to another channel or do I need to restart one of them?
Question is basically will they continue to monitor this in the background and decide if they should change in conjunction with each other or is that currently being determined while starting up an AP? Starting more than one AP up on the same time might not be a good idea then.

Did a test:
Powered off both APs.
Started AP-1 first and it got claimed channel 36 and 6
After a few minutes I started AP-2 and it claimed 36 and 1 this time

They are quite close to each other so they should definitely know about the other…

Before I have seen them take different channels for both bands? Or is the expected behavior?


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Here are some answers for you and I’m also waiting to see if they will implement some type of dynamic channel selection.