Audi Car Shop Switching to Alta Labs

I stumbled across Alta Labs a few weeks ago and was really impressed with the features and easyness of install. We are a Volkswagen and Audi car repair shop in Germany and used Draytek APs before. Now with a lot of the diagnostic Laptops we work with, WiFi 6 is coming and the data volume get’s even more too. I installed two AP6 pro in the working areas and one AP6 with the offices and the Guest Area. We are very satisfied with the performance - and the shift to the new infrastructure was very easy as you can configure it all before you even have the AP.

Very impressed and satisfied with the support team too. Alta, i hope your products will be successful in Europe. You have me sold. :grinning:


Nice and clean install! Did you put any outside?

Thank you!
No need for outside install - the range is sufficient for the few things we do outside.

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I must admit the APs are insane


@Chris Thank you for sharing! I love seeing the support coming from Germany! Super clean install! Keep up the great work!

Looks great!