AP6Pro - qdf_mem_malloc_atomic_debug messages

I have two of my four AP6Pro access points spiking on system load. One is one of the most used APs (currently 16 clients), but the other only has 6 clients connected. Looking at syslog, seeing these type of messages occuring for them (and only them):

[472316.759679] wlan: [1357:W:ANY] qdf_mem_malloc_atomic_debug: Malloc slept; 338ms, 16B @ util_scan_unpack_beacon_frame:3894
[470118.644148] wlan: [1357:W:ANY] qdf_mem_malloc_atomic_debug: Malloc slept; 561ms, 196B @ wlan_cfg80211_inform_bss_frame:2168

Is there anything specific that I need to look at for them? 2.0g firmware on all.

Note: reboot of the APs does kill off the high system load and messages. Was just curious on what the messages meant.