AP6 - unable to set a selection of Wifi channels at 5 GHz


I’am using the AP6 with the latest fw 1.1p. I will make a selection of 5GHz channels. Reason for asking is, at the moment also U-NII-3 channels are used and not all my devices can use those channels. So I will be able to make a manual selection of channels. But I can not find that option in the dashboard. Can you help me with that ? Thnx !

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So when you’re on the Network page, click on the icon for the AP (left side) and that’ll open a modal on the right where you can manually choose the channels, and change some other settings on a per-AP basis. By default they will be on Auto, which is why some may end up on a U-NII-3 channel.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if my instructions weren’t clear enough, or if you have further questions.

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Hi Mike,

Thnx for your quick response. What I saw is that only 1 channel can be select. I would like to select a range of channels and not completely auto. because of the U-NII-3.

No problem! I suspected that’s what you meant, and sorry for not addressing that in my last reply.

That currently is not available, but we do plan to add support for site-wide channel planning which would allow you to omit channels from auto, like those in U-NII-3.