AP6 replacing U6-LR


New Alta Labs user here.

Been using and driving Ubnt products for years. Decided to jump on the Alta Labs train due to the very sexy looking AP and fantastic dashboard.

What really drew me to the AP is that the max data rates across the AP and the AX radio on 2.4ghz was very appealing.

I have copied the settings between the two APs, same channel, same power and getting only around 670Mbps to 700 vs 850-900Mbps on the 5Ghz channel on the U6-LR.
I understand this is plenty fast, but seeing stand dev hitting 100ms with little to no load on the AP.

I’m hoping over time this gets better, this is only my initial testing so far before I pull the trigger on more APs.

Anything I can try here? I know what channels work best for my deployment as I have WISP radios on the roof and steer clear of those channels.

I have attached pictures of a wireless client vs the router.

I also switched from a u6-lr to the AP6 pro, but I found that the AP6 pro gave slightly higher speeds.

What does your channel scan report look like? Signal strength from client to AP and vice versa? Finally, I assume you checked this but make sure you’re using the same channel width in both configurations.

Interesting you gained speed. I’ve lost speed. Not too hurt from it, just confused when the AP6-Pro has the capability to double the max throughput across the device vs the U6-LR.

But yes, 5Ghz Channel, on 36, 80mhz wide. Same 26dbm power to keep them both the same in the testing. 5Ghz maxes out on 720Mbps on every test now. Only seeing 350Mbps Upload instead of peaking my ISP upload at 400Mbps.

Can get the U6-Lite (which I have too) for half the price for the same if not better speeds.

One thing you might consider trying is actually reducing the power on the AP6-Pro and giving things another try. The radios in these APs are very strong, and I have found, in my case anyway, that leaving them at full power introduced enough noise to reduce speeds quite a bit.

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Did you run perhaps some iperf tests? Testing against the ISP can sometimes not be accurate due to server which you test against or time of the day …

Agree on this. I am running only 19dBm, more than enough for the current deployment.

Thank you for the suggestions.

iPerf showed the same +/- 10Mbps

I can’t reduce the power, otherwise I’d have to introduce another AP for 5Ghz coverage.
I run Channel 13 for 2.4Ghz which I’ve found amazing, up to 140Mbps on the channel which is plenty.

The purpose of the post was not to bag Alta Labs, but to show more of a comparison vs a similar product.

The overall review of the AP is positive and I’m sure in time with firmware updates the performance would get better. I have 32 devices connected to this particular AP, and I can tell that the 5Ghz is more stable and stronger than the U6-LR from what I can tell. My Model 3 in my garage loves to pick the 5Ghz radio over 2.4Ghz more often than when I had the U6-LR deployed.

I’m thankful that there is another player in the market. I have been using Unifi products for the last 5 years and the Alta UI is fresh and just what I need for a home deployment.

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