AP6-PRO Testing and review

Hi all,

I received my AP6-PRO unit last week and have been doing some testing, and wrote down some thoughts i had about the experience.

I would like to start with saying, Alta labs has done amazing job with this product. I was comparing it against Unifi products that i have currently setup at home and i saw around 20-25% increase in performance. Buildings in Iceland are heavy with concrete so it can sometimes be tricky to get the correct WIFI products for optimal performance. AP6-PRO saw a 20-25% increase in performance with improved coverage around my apartment.

I have seen some great feedbacks here and i am not going to be talking alot about the technical side, i know you guys are working hard to improve the cloud management tool and have a lot of things to add in the future.

  1. Packaging looks great, solid overall but i would like to see you guys remove the plastic in the packaging if possible.
  2. Was very easy to setup for me, however from a customer perspective i could see some of them getting into trouble creating the wifi settings and getting it up and running quickly, i would like to see you add to the quick start guide, basic information on how to get started with creating WIFI, or have a link to your youtube channel with video on this matter. To make it easier for those with no expertise in basic networking to set it up.
  3. Form factor is great compared to other brands, solid build quality as well. Good job.
  4. Would like to have the option to change/have a look at the different types of wifi settings (Standard, Large, IOT, Internet and guest)
  5. Content filtering is easy to use, and is responsive.
  6. Multi-password authentication is easy to setup and fantastic feature to have!
  7. One issue i ran into, i blocked a device from all networks and the whole network went down for about a minute, all of the devices lost connection for that time, might want to take a look at that and see if you can experience the same issue i had.

Overall i am very impressed so far, looking forward to do some more testing and seeing you guys implementing additional features.I like the ease of use and i could see most customers using and setting this product up with out running into issue, especially if you make slight adjustment to the quick start guide or have another idea on how to make the process as simple as possible for everyone.


Thanks @Brynjar-Origo !

We will discuss your feedback internally…

  1. For the plastic, is that due to environmental concerns, or bulk waste with many APs?

  2. We can add some guides to the knowledge base, and also are always trying to improve how intuitive the UI is :slight_smile:

  3. For this one, are you able to replicate this, or make it happen again?

Thanks for the feedback!


Hi @Alta-Matt

  1. Both really, environmental concerns that goes hand in hand with bulk waste that follows with many AP’s installation at once, just my thoughts on this :slight_smile:
  2. Fantastic, other idea would be when you first sign in to the cloud platform, there would be a short tutorial on the basic first step for those that would like that, what ever you decide, will come out great…
  3. I will try to replicate this.