AP6-Pro Review/Issues

I just installed the AP6-Pro last night and it seems to be working really well. The install was easy and once the AWS issues were resolved the AP showed up right in the app and I was able to adopt it. I did notice high memory usage at around 70% constantly but the AP seems to still perform very well.

I have two Unifi APs and switching one out with the AP6-Pro caused issues so I ended up turning off the other Unifi AP and let the AP6-Pro handle all 50 devices. Surprisingly all of my devices were able to see and connect to the AP6-Pro which I couldn’t do with a single Unifi APs so the range appears to be much better compared to Unifi.

The other issue I have is AirPrint. I have a UDM-Pro which is handling all of the routing. The printer is on my IOT network and I am trying to print from my main network. The iPhone can see the printer but it fails to print every time. Switching over to the IOT network allows it to print. Aside from switching APs, nothing changed on my network and it was working with the UniFi APs. Not sure if anyone has seen this issue and has a fix.

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Hey @JRosen can you describe how you have your network set up (IOT and Main network)? The AP shouldn’t really cause any issues with this, but would be curious to see how you have it all set up… Then maybe could get a better idea of what might be causing it.

Hi @Alta-MattH, Thanks for responding. I can get to the printer via IP but AirPrint hangs when sending a print job from an iOS device running 16.5.

Networks- All are /24 subnets. mDNS is enabled along with IGMP Snooping.

  1. Default - Firewall allows all traffic to the IOT network but blocks most traffic from IOT.
  2. IOT - Is on VLAN 30

Default - Setup as a standard network.
IOT - Setup as a standard network with the VLAN set to 30. Default VLAN is also set to 30.

I did additional testing tonight.

  1. Turned off the AP6 and turned back on the UniFi AP. I was able to AirPrint from the default network to the IOT network without issue.
  2. Went back to the AP6 and turned on Bypass Filter on each of the SSIDs. I am now able to AirPrint from the Default network to the IOT network but it doesn’t always receive the packet back from the printer of the job completion so the iPhone keeps retrying the print job and its successful every time.

@Alta-MattH Any ideas on what might be causing the issue? Had to have my wife connect to the IOT network to print the other day. Going to try and do more testing this weekend.