AP6 Pro performance gains with non 4096 QAM clients

Hi all, just looking to get this straight in my head as I need to explain this to potential new Alta purchasers. If a customer has a mixed environment with some WiFi 7 clients, some older 802.3ax/ac/n etc client hardware is there any real benefit to the clients? I get that a mesh/backhaul between AP6 Pro units with 4096 QAM would have real gains but is there a benefit to station speed/efficiency etc?

What I’ve found is that a Radio FEM module that can handle 4096 QAM also performs slightly better at other rates, as well. Of course if your newer clients negotiate 4096 QAM, then they will directly benefit, but the mesh between two AP6-Pros will also directly benefit because they both support 4096 QAM.