AP6 Pro Outdoor

Nice to see the new AP6 Pro Outdoor on this youtube short.

Be good to get some more info on this please @Alta-Chase


Nice eyes @user19 ! We will work on getting a data sheet for it within the next two weeks to share all of the technical details. For now, here is a little more for you:

  • WiFi6 with performance characteristics equal to the AP6-Pro
  • IP68 rated
  • Pole mount built-in to the heat sync, while also wall mount capable (wall mount bracket will be in the box)
  • Omni directional performance
  • A rated temperature range that will blow your mind :sunglasses:

If you want a beta tester for one, I’m here for ya… :grinning:

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I am certainly here for this! I am still running a bunch of Aruba AP17s for my customers, they are only WiFi5 (AC). They are rock solid, but everyone is wanting to go to WiFi6 and Aruba seems to be letting the InstantOn line die.