AP6-PRO - No power

unfortunately one of my ap6-pro failed. no reaction. Resetting doesn’t bring any success. please for tips. Thanks

Try this.
Hi @Beto.86,

When you attempted to reset the unit, did you do a normal reset or a power on reset? If you didn’t try the power on reset, give that a go, please.

  1. Power the unit off, wait ~15 seconds after removing power
  2. Hold the reset button
  3. While still holding the reset button, plug the cable back into the AP
  4. Wait 5 seconds or until the LED flashes on the front of the unit
  5. Release the power button

Alta’s power on reset (aka POR) has a little magic built into the bootloader. If the AP can get to the bootloader while the AP can reach the internet, it will download a firmware binary, default the unit, apply the firmware binary, and reboot. If successful and you have LED activity, wait until it comes to a solid white, indicating everything was successful.

@Beto.86 I edited your reply a little bit

@TomLeo I can confirm this would be the appropriate next step. Let us know if you still have no LED activity after performing the Power on Reset procedure. Feel free to tag me directly.

@Alta-Matt_v2 , hi , there is No led activity.

If after the POR procedure that Beto.86 outlined above did not yield positive results, then the next step would be an RMA. Please reach out to your distributor to get the ball rolling for a replacement unit. We find that partnering with our distributors to handle RMAs is the most efficient path for all of our customers to get the fastest turn around time logistically as well as geographically.

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