AP6-PRO is a beast :)

Thank you for sending us a sample unit of the AP6-PRO to test out. I am still putting it through its paces but so far it’s been very impressive in terms of setup and performance

I have an AmpliFi Alien wifi6 router at home and the AP6-PRO had roughly the same range, but offered faster speeds (10% faster in most cases)

I look forward to testing the updated version of the mounting bracket when available, as i found the one that came with the sample a bit tricky to use (this was highlighted by Alta when i received the unit)

The controller is FAST, really fast (considering i’m not in the USA) and so far very stable. I clicked every option I could, and couldn’t find anything that broke. The content filter is particularly impressive.
I love the concept of having multiple WiFi passwords for different device/userg groups. Compared to the traditional method of multiple SSIDs (which are usually limited) this is a VAST improvement. The fact that I can change these profiles, per device, after the fact (meaning i dont have to log the device off and change the wifi password to swap profiles) shows that someone over there really pays attention to detail, much appreciated.

Packaging I think you have nailed. Very professional unboxing experience.

So far im blown away by the performance gains, compared to my older wifi devices which cost 3x more. The feature set and ease of use of Alta are the final nails in the coffin for my previous hardware. Greatly look forward to seeing GUI updates and feature improvements in the future :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback @CJS. We look forward to continuing to impress you with the performance and features built into our Alta products :wink:


Amazing feedback @CJS !


Thanks @CJS !


This is fantastic! @CJS Thank you for sharing!

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