AP6 Pro install concerns

Posted previous thread regarding ceiling mounting of my AP6 Pro.

Prior to ceiling mount, I flashed the AP6 Pro with my 8PoE Switch. With a fresh new SSID, it was blistering fast. I have gigabit fibre to home internet on a 500Mb plan and it was nearly reaching those speeds when in the same room! Impressive!

My setup prior was a couple Unifi AC Pro’s and a. recent addition of a Unifi Mesh 6, fed from a managed Netgear PoE switch and a Netgeate 3100 running pfSense. A few VLAN’s, separating a guest network from the main network.

I’m not an IT expert, I muddle through, but have managed to get VLANs working, OpenVPN and Wireguard to my network as well a security camera server, media server and other IT infrasctructure.

Initially when putting the AC6 Pro on my network with the same SSID’s as my Unifi, they didnt play very well. I don’t know if it’s my bad, but my "main (secure) network didnt have it’s own VLAN, it went straight to the LAN. And the Guest and other VLAN’s have their VLAN configs which dont go directly to the secure LAN.

But there was the “main network” SSID for the Unifi and the same “main network” SSID for the Alta AP! They didnt play nicely with each other! Anyway. I tried various solutions, even making a VLAN for main network, making sure the Netgear switch had it, but just didnt get anywhere, and it just made things worse, the speed tests were slowing down to 40-50 megs and yeah, maybe I was just tripping over myself. Seemed to me the Alta AP’s didnt play nicely with the Netgear switch even when I just had the Alta AP on, no Unifi.

And of course I had issues with our Sonos speakers, well at least those that werent wired.

I was going to pull the cord on buying another couple AP6 Pro’s, but currently holding off until I find further time to get it working. Maybe if Alta Labs releases a larger managed switch than the 24 port they currently offer (and super quiet!). Then that may play all nicely with each other.

So sadly, although I wished to be rid of the Unifi AP’s , theyre gonna stay for a bit longer…!

@user31 Thank you for joining and participating in our community! Based on what you have shared here, it appears your issues are a result of mixing multiple access points from multiple vendors. We, along with every other manufacturer, recommend you deploy the same access points from the same vendor so things like roaming, channel planning, VLAN policy, security policies, etc. can all work as intended. If you mix and match access point vendors, you will get extremely frustrated with performance issues. You can take APs (all from the same manufacturer) and use them with another manufactures switches. That generally is not a problem.

Once you get all of the same APs deployed, we can help troubleshoot further.

Thank you!

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