AP6 Pro Impressions, missing things, dev req

The AP works in an office environment, the speed is apparently limited not by the AP but by the clients. On the software side, there is room for improvement because I’m used to Unifi, because I can set everything here, but the environment is (even) more modest. But it’s just software where:

  • I have no idea how much, there is no unit of measure on the graphs either on the x or y axis
  • I sometimes have the feeling that the Web application and the phone client show completely different things (in graphs)
  • This is also confirmed by the fact that the download in the mobile application is pink, while the download on the web is now blue (pictures marked with 1)

  • Sometimes the Web and the mobile client show different information about the connected devices (images marked as 2)
    This was achieved by looking at the 1-hour and 2-day data, where clients appeared, where they disappeared, and in the end they remained on the web, while in the mobile client, ok

The picture (marked as 3), which is green on the web, indicates the quality of the connection in yellow in the client.

  • On the Web interface, the number behind the network is red, I thought that I had set something wrong, but since I can only change the name of the AP here, I think it’s just an unfortunate color choice

  • I don’t know how to analyze packets or analyze historical data in an environment that doesn’t reach the cloud (I didn’t see an option for this either)

  • At the moment, it’s a very good home device, I wouldn’t put it in a production environment because I can’t see what’s happening, or what happened (issues, connections, disconections)

  • I can’t see which client is connected (2,4 or 5G)

  • I like that I can enter multiple passwords for the same SSID and set bandwidth or any other restrictions based on the password

  • But that’s just the software side, I’m looking at the GB from the HW side, apparently the speed is great, and it’s really starting to approach the speed that no longer requires a cable, but in the PRO version I’d be more happy with a 2.5 Gbit PoE connection.

  • The operating temperature of the Pro on the heatsink is 50 degrees (Celsius) in the office it was 22 degrees, I could barely hold it at the end of the test

If you have already fixed anything in the last few days, please skip that!

I hope I helped… Thanks!

Thanks @HelloVoip let us discuss internally and we’ll get back to you about these individual issues!

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