AP6-PRO, exciting AP!

After initial testing of the AP6-PRO and Controller UI, we have been very impressed.

The build quality of the AP we feel is excellent, very robust unit…
The shape of the AP is very different to anything we have sold
before. I think it’s unique design will help it standout from the likes of Ubiquiti and
every other circular looking AP on the market.

After testing this AP for a week or two, the actual Wi-Fi performance and
throughput has been outstanding. Measuring it up against our Gigawave Wi-Fi 6
Aps in our warehouse, the range on both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radio has been
better on the AP6-PRO. The roaming from the AP6 to other vendor APS we stock has also been
seamless so far. Haven’t tested with Ubiquiti AP’S pre installed. This is something we had to play around with output powers before on previous APs to improve the roaming.

The controller Ui is very user friendly. The AP6-PRO was found instantly on the controller and set up was quick and easy.

Very handy to see alot of information on the devices page about a particular AP with a quick glance and being able to easily removed columns not needed.

Giving a wifi network a colour and matching particular APS to that colour is another feature we liked. Great for grouping when there is multiple aps and wireless networks. Filtering the aps per colour is very handy on the network page for an administrator.

The block application filter worked quite well when testing with a few application connected to the guest network.

The RF scanner works well, lot’s of channel information such as interferer SSIDs and RF utilization. Card icons per channel colour coded by channel utilization are a great overview of an RF environment when deploying the AP.

Favourite feature so far has to be the multiple passwords for a single SSID, can see this being a game changer.

Overall we are well impressed!! Looking forward to stocking the AP6 and AP6-PRO and seeing future improvements to the GUI.


Thanks for the feedback @Ian_James !

I’d be curious to hear how you use the multi-password for a single SSID feature. We’re excited about it!

We appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback @Ian_James !

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We set up the main WiFi network SSID and allowed it to bypass the hotspot. Then set up a second password for guest network connecting that will land on hotspots landing page for our customers visting.

Before on previous setups, there has been mulitple guest SSIDs broadcasting from the same radio. Having the one SSID and different passwords for user groups is so much simpler and easier to manage and will cause less SSID rf interference. Limiting bandwidth then to that guest network but still only broadcasting one SSID and just a different password is brilliant.

One note would be to wrap the terms and conditions text for mobiles devices connecting to the hotspot.


Thanks Ian! I’ll note this UI issue. Should be fairly simple to fix this one.

Keep them coming! :slight_smile:

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I see this has been rectified already. Vey fast turn around time :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

After weeks of testing on the desk, we decided to wall mount in a temporary test location and the one AP6-PRO is giving sufficient coverage now to our whole warehouse.

Previously we needed 2 to 3 Aps for the same coverage.

We have been continually impressed with this test unit and the Dashboard with every update that’s implemented, exciting times ahead.


Sweet! Thanks @Ian_James … let us know how it continues to perform!

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Hi Lads,

Is there any option to reboot an AP or maybe Im blind and can’t see it.

Only reason was rf scan function is showing an error the last 2 days, thought a simple reboot remotely might solve it and I don’t have access to our switch right now.

All other AP functions working perfect.

Nevermind logged out and back working fine again.

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There is the opportunity for rebooting via SSH currently, or another option could be to change the channel and change it back, so it re-applies settings and see what happens?

Love the new bypass filter option per device, on the device card.

Will there be an option to apply a content filter per wireless network in the pipeline opposed to global site filter?

@Ian_James Currently you can disable the filter on an entire WPA-PSK SSID by ensuring that all passwords on that SSID have the filter disabled. We will also be adding the ability to disable the filter for WPA Enterprise and Open networks, as well.

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My bad, I missed this under the password menu, great stuff!