AP6-PRO as rogue AP

I have been running the AP6-PRO as a rogue AP within our warehouse Ubiquiti system. I run calibrated AP’s, nothing on auto, it’s my life! My current setup is/was three UAP-NANOHD and one UAP-AC-EDU that had just happened to croak on a firmware update and never came back. This setup effectively ran our 33,000 sqft warehouse. I figured I could drop the AP6-PRO into the defunct AC-EDU location with no problem.
When I first fired it up all seemed well but within a few hours I had some funky connectivity issues. mainly wireless Sonos speaker and a Yamaha speaker that were sitting about 15ft. from a UAP-NANOHD. Looking at signal strength, the AP6-PRO, in full beast mode was just running over my three AC-NANOHD AP’s. After a little bitching and complaining from the natives, I turned off the AP6-PRO after finding out I couldn’t adjust the volume control.
I went at this another way and took my AC-NANOHD AP’s down to the lowest setting and then brought the AP6-PRO online. Then I recalibrated everything based off the signal strength of the AP6-PRO. My AC-NANOHD AP’s are all on default low. THE AP6-PRO is definitely powerful but without any way of knowing what it’s thinking or looking at to manage it’s power has me wondering and worrying.
I just have one AP. What is the design of this AP ecosystem if you have no ability to adjust signal strength? I would assume that you are using a mesh type topology and the radios are designed to talk to one-another? How is the signal strength being managed? It doesn’t seem to react to rogue network or devices, it just seems to go full tilt.

Hey @Bailey !

AP Vendors typically use roaming protocols (some proprietary) to hand off WiFi devices as they roam across the network. Since the protocols between vendors are not always compatible, these kinds of problems are completely expected in a mixed AP environment, and this is why we strongly recommend using a single vendor for all APs on a site – preferably Alta :wink:

We do have some proprietary features with our roaming that other vendors don’t, so hopefully you get a chance to try out a few of the APs.

Other than the roaming, a single rogue AP should for the most park work alongside other vendors, just maybe not 100% as well as a single vendor network…

Hope that helps!