AP6 pro arrived!

Hello everyone,

So today I got a cool package at my doorstep with the AP6 Pro (test sample). Couldnt wait to open it up and very excited to set this up later today :grinning:

So far, the packaging and everything in the box looks very clean and I cant wait to set this up soon when I get back home from a family trip.


I got one coming in shortly too and unfortunately my PoE injector is being delivered later ugh! I’m excited!

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Did some initial testing today; installation took about 1 minute (plugging in, setting up via the mobile app, assigning a WiFi network). Wow, thats fast!

  • Created a test wifi network with auto assigned IP’s via DHCP and Fast roaming enabled, IGMP Proxy enabled
  • WPA3 off for now (because multi passwords are currently not supported with WPA3 enabled)
  • Air Time efficiency; All on AUTO

Couple of things I noticed;

  • Update device; When do you want to update AP1? (Right now)
    Update Request Timed Out.
    I keep getting this over and over, have tried to click this about 8x times by now.
  • Update a few minutes later; eventually after a few more times it started updating, running 1.1h right now (maybe make the version number clickable and link to the changelog?)

Speeds looking pretty good (away from Macbook Air 2021) on 5Ghz and 80Mhz; Internet is 1000 Down/100 Up (Cable) - 1 Gigabit Switch in between;

Testing about 10 meters (1 brick wall) away;

  • AP 6 Pro Peak Down: 624Mb/s, Peak Up: 88.94Mb/s, Latency average: 28ms
  • Other brand AP6 Peak Down: 541Mb/s, Peak Up: 70.28Mb/s, Latency average: 29ms

Testing about 5 meters (through 1 thin wooden wall) away;

  • AP 6 Pro Peak Down: 678Mb/s, Peak Up: 96.25Mb/s, Latency average: 28ms
  • Other brand AP6 Peak Down: 608Mb/s, Peak Up: 95.38Mb/s, Latency average: 28ms

Testing about 3 meters (no walls) away;

  • AP 6 Pro Peak Down: 732Mb/s, Peak Up: 98.46Mb/s, Latency average: 24ms
  • Other brand AP6 Peak Down: 646Mb/s, Peak Up: 97.28Mb/s, Latency average: 24ms

Some thoughts;

  • Some things I did also notice; the AP is getting pretty hot on the back. When you pick it up (only 1 device connected after about 2 hours testing), it feels very warm.
  • The reset button imo could have been placed a little less visible, it’s pretty see and press now,
  • If you have a UTP cable with attached solid connector it might be a little bit difficult to squeeze it in

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The one thin i would suggest if mounting, is to have a 1/4" gap behind the ap so it can breath. I wonder if they are going to change their bracket to allow for air movement, instead of pushing it really close to the wall or ceiling.