AP6 Outdoor Pre Order

Hello Alta Team,

I recently placed a pre-order for several Outdoor AP units after being approached by ISP Supplies. However, I noticed that the specifications and details for this product are not yet listed on your website.

Could you provide an estimate on whether these units will ship?

Believe I saw Q2 somewhere so pre-order is on schedule. How about delivery?

Thank you!

@sysman923 Great questions! One of the benefits of being an active member in our community is that you get sneak peeks into products and information before its made available. Here is the spec sheet- https://media.alta.inc/datasheet/AP6-Pro-Outdoor_Datasheet.pdf

Initial batch should be shipping to our distributors around Mid-End Of May. Thanks again for being a part of our community!


@Alta-Tony yessssir so far great community…and a company listening to users…win

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