AP6 First Use install - testing within 1,600 SQ Ft Home - AP6 Device needs a lot of work still

Have bought an AP6 to get a first impression over Ubiquiti.
Have an U6-LR and turned off, to replace with this AP6.
Plug/play and load time seamless, devices saw and connected fast, reboot is quick.
Speed test is SLOW same pre/post firmware update.
500x500 Fiber internet connection.
16 Port Gigabit Switch only 5 devices hardwired.
Wired connection 475-560 consistently

UAP-LR 2x2 125-225 Mbps consistently Across Whole home
U6-LR 4X4 200-430 Mpbs consistently Across Whole home

Alta AP6 2x2 - When close: 15 feet - Avg 100-143 Mbps
When far: 30-50 feet away - Avg 35-95 Mbps
When farther 50-80 feet awat - Avg 1-20 Mbps
Connections Drop inconsistently, when only 40-80 feet away. Minimal walls Stick Built.
Testing on Laptop
2022 MBP 14
2021 Surface Laptop 14
iPhone 11, XS Max, 14 Pro, 14 Pro max,
2022 ipad mini
2020 Samsung Tv’s.

Another issue is with the TV’s, sharing from phone youtube to the Samsung or LG, it cant be shared or found. However on Ubiquiti, no issue, tap to share and connect to device, within 3-10 seconds connected and playing videos.

First impression for a home installation is not proving to be reliable. Have a few business customer’s I’d like to deploy to with similar network capabilities and this doesn’t give me warm fuzzies to deploy unless really duplicating a lot of AP’s to make it stable for all users.

Hi there @AdvancedStellar and welcome!

Is this apples to apples? i.e. you have the same channels and channel widths that you used with UniFi? Safe to assume the UniFi APs were powered down or disabled when running your tests?

Yes UniFi is not online. Direct replacement and configuration was just to let it auto channel/width.
So as to not mess with any configuration on either.,
Placed a SSID and let it configure, then went online.
Wanted as seamless as possible.

Just to be clear, you have/had a UAP-LR? Not a UAP-AC-LR?

I think with just a couple settings tweaks, we can resolve most, if not all of what you’re experiencing. I sent you a DM requesting access to the site so I can take a look at your settings.

Correct, UAP-LR with 300 Mbps theoretical throughput on 2.4, not the AC model.
Currently have the AP-6 off and returned to the UniFi-U6-LR, for the night. The 2x2 context got out of alignment and left over when typing up on phone.
It’ll be plugged back online in the morning EST by 10:00AM and will message you back through DM. Thanks for the help in looking into it.


Some tweaks to the channels and channel widths have yielded improvements to both range and speed. Just working one last performance concern but it looks like we have likely gotten the AP up to peak performance for the environment it’s in.