Ap6 disconnected from internet

I got an issue, we recently had a power outage, (have had many in the past) but this time 3 ap’s seem to go online, then offline. I have confirmed the network is on the internet. So I’m not sure why it’s randomly connecting and then disconnects about 3 times and then stays disconnected. This is happening on all 3 ap’s it’s never happened before. It’s on firmware 2.0j.

Hi, can you describe the behavior of the LED on the APs while this is happening?


Ok I managed to work out the issue, it was my pfsense hardware shutting the net down.
So I temporary installed a router just get internet back up.
So everything is working except one AP keeps going offline. The other 2 are fine. So now i need to work out why one ap keeps going offline. Will try a cold boot of the ap and hopefully this resolves it. Will post back the outcome once its done

Ok so I disconnected the AP, reconnected and I still get it connected then disconnected etc. my other AP’s aren’t doing this only this one?