AP6 / AP6 Pro Testing and Feedback so far

1st Impressions count so they say , and this has definitely left a smile on my Face :smile:

testing both the AP6 and AP6 Pro units , i can say with confidence that i am really impressed

Packaging - Nicely designed and modern colour Scheme, no wasted space so everything has been optimised to keep packaging to necessary which i love. i would love to see a " please recycle me " inclusion on there to.

Instructions - love the little QR code to get the online manual , this can be updated as time goes on so always current, it also saves on so much waste , more devices should think along these lines and move to this method , in this case less is most definitely more!

Bracket - Easy to use and multi-functional , i can see this being suitable for most applications , it would be good to see a pole mount bracket available , not sure if that is planned , but easier to source from one place for us.

Appearance - very modern design and love the LED , would be good to have the option of a black unit if possible , but most will be familiar with this design.

Web portal - Probably the easiest web management portal i have used, from power up to deployment it took literally minutes to get up and running and deploy , its also very fast in comparison to other brands in this market space , who will remain nameless. it offers a lot of flexibility and i can see this as a big selling point , a couple of things that would be nice to see, adding in a "visitor " setup where say a branded landing page can be added , sign up to the T&C and get X amount of free Wi-Fi , that would be really powerful, and options to have offline or exception notifications setup.

App - look forward to seeing this but i cant get this in the UK currently ,

Site - will there be the ability to hand over a “site” to an end user , some other systems allow programme and deployment , and then hand-over to the client , there IT , Engineer etc, that is quite nice.

So far , very happy about these, need to test the Switch hardware next :slight_smile:


@David_Davies Thank you for taking time to provide feedback on the APs! We are almost ready to announce the public beta on the Mobile Applications. iOS will be available first and Android will be a few days behind it.

As for “hand-over” we are exploring this still. We understand this is becoming more of a request in certain markets, and we want to handle this correctly. More to come here.

Switch hardware can’t come fast enough! We are stoked to get that into the market.

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