AP VLANS not working with Mikrotik Switch


I setup a lab to test the Vlan funtionality with Mikrotik CRS3XX series switches after all the setup only vlan 1 works properly, but the vlans 30,40,50 there is no way i get and IP address from the correspondent vlan addressing, I just get the backup IP addressing from the alta AP.

The config is simple a router on a stick with the 4 vlans, 1,20,30,50. tagged for all besides the 1. Then the switch configuration for trunk port and the hybrid port for the AP.


I tested with other APs and they work well, for some reason the ALTA´s dont pass the DHCP traffic or something is not working with the vlan traffic.

any ideas?

It would appear to be something that MT does differently, I have tested the AP-6 Pro with Aruba, HP, Cisco, Alta (of course!), Fortinet, enGenius and Zyxel, all of those worked well with just the VLAN existing on the APs.

*Edit - Also, just noticed you said you were trunking, you have to add all VLANS to the trunk untagged.


I have them working in switchOS, not sure if MT does something different for tagging between routerOS and switchOS.

I believe RouterOS would expect to own the networks associated with the VLAN, so you would create the VLAN with the associated networks on RouterOS, add the VLANs to switchOS and just add the vlans in the Alta dashboard.

yes, did some more tests and it works fine in ROUTEROS with the VLAN setup on the CRS3XX and CRS5XX series. thanks for the help.