AP Stops Responding & Broadcasting

I had an issue this evening where I made a change to the channel width of the access points and it took them down requiring a factory reset.

I changed the 5GHz from 40GHz to 80GHz and the AP went down. I would expect a few moments maybe to change, but it wouldn’t come back after several minutes. I ended up factory resetting the AP and readopting it for it to begin working again. When it came back, however, it synced and broadcasted on the 80Ghz width automatically with no issues.
I tried this again with my second AP and the result was the same.
I had previously tried a full channel scan on both which timed out on both weirdly. Not sure if that had anything to do with it like a series of events or not. I tried a channel scan after both had been factory reset and it worked quickly and no issues.

Hi, thanks, we’ll look into it and see what we can find!