AP 6 Pro - Boot cycling after reset

Hi there,

Had to reset my AP (reset button for 10 secs), and since then it has been stuck in a boot cycle:

Flash Blue LED (10 Secs)
Solid White LED (40 Secs)
Solid Blue (5 Secs)

I can see from my router that the port comes up but then it goes down. Access to the Alta Cloud shows that there is no devices found on my network.

This was working perfectly before resetting. Any ideas what this sequence of LEDs means, and what are the next steps, as factory reset doesn’t;t appear to do much


@Vangelis Can you confirm that the AP was updated to a recent firmware (at least 1.1j)? One thing you can do to ensure it’s on the latest firmware is to hold down the reset button for five seconds as you give the device power.

Performed reset (hold reset for 5 sec at power up)
Fast Flash White LED
Long Blue LED
Then same as before…
Blue LED (5 Sec)
Flash Blue LED (10 Sec)
Solid White LED (40 Sec)

So unsure if it is ever getting on the network to update firmware?


@Vangelis Reaching out via chat to check if that specific unit ever updated to a recent firmware…

…where is chat?

If you click the gray chat bubble at the top right here, you should see my private message.

no chat bubble - Tried Safari and Windows Firefox?


Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 17.47.01

Try now…

enabled in Prefs - Can see your chat and have replied


Thanks for chatting @Vangelis … we’ll keep the chat up, and I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

Hi there - Any update on what to do next? Can this be resolved remotely or will this be RMA?


@Vangelis just reached out with one more thing to try…

Responded via chat

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Responded via chat