Anyone moved to Alta from Aruba Instant on?

I am seriously considering a move from my Aruba AP22 instant on access points to Alta Pro 6s but I am wondering if anyone else has made the jump and if so what is the experience like for roaming etc and for general use in the home?

The reason for considering the change is that signal here has tanked due to neighbours getting other mesh type systems so I was thinking move from something with a 2 x 2 to a 4 x 4 radio would help and I had heard conflicting things about the Aruba AP25 offering…in addition the AP25 is hugh and I am not sure the Wife will be happy with them on the ceiling. The Alta labs offering seems to look a lot neater.

The reason for asking is that in the UK they aren’t stocked by Amazon, just a small company who are probably great but with Amazon they do have generous returns if things do turn out as great as they seem.

Thanks Ian

Hello, I switched from aruba instant on Ap22 to Alta Labs AP6-Pro. I had 5 AP22s and now I have 5 AP6-Pros. Unfortunately, the walls and ceilings in the house I live in are a bit complicated :-). I think the performance is much better than before, and the children have no problems walking around the house and making phone calls during WhatsApp video calls :-), my wife thinks the AP6-Pro is much nicer than the AP22. Maybe there will be more. My wife says we need WiFi in the garden :slight_smile:

The 24 port switch from Alta Labs arrived yesterday, was immediately installed and put into operation. the whole process takes a few minutes. Everything is going really well at the moment.



for me about the same. First four AP22 and now four AP6.
No problems at all and i think a few IoT devices have a better signal strength now.
The only thing i miss from Instant On is the iOS App. There in my opinion Alta should work. The Aruba App is very cleaned up and clear. That’s not the killer feature to not opt to Alta, but you have to adjust yourself. And if everything works as expected you don’t look at that so often too…

To sum up - i switched and i definitely don’t regret it. Very satisfied right now.


Thanks both for your input - Much appreciated

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Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear the feedback, and excited for what’s to come

I switched from UI. I am now fully on Alta and OPNsense. I love the Alta APs not that I ever had any issues with my UI stuff but cost wise i think Alta is a better value. I have much better coverage and speed with 3 AP6-Pros than i did with 5 UI APs.


Thanks for all your input - I now have 4 AP6-Pros and an S8-POE switch and I cannot believe the speeds I am getting, I have seen 800mbps on my MacBook Pro M1 which I have not seen with either UniFi or Aruba which is fantastic but it would be fair to say there are some bugs which need to be worked out, I will post them over the coming weeks to help. I am excited for what is coming in the future.