Anyone else have to restart devices every few days due to drop outs?

Seems every 3-5 days I have to reboot all devices as they loose connectivity. Total pain and no idea why it needs to be done all the time.

Only find out as the kids complain of losing internet as it become intermitent, so have to reset

@user5 We haven’t seen anything like that, but I have to ask a little bit more about your network - are you using multiple VLANs on your SSIDs and/or anything else slightly more advanced?


Nothing that I am aware off. The fix seems to be to reboot (via app or browser) the 8 port switch. It then seems to be ok.

I am only using 1 SSID and then a couple of passwords set for it (IOT and standard).

I have configured the channels and bandwidth so they are not all defaulting to the same one and to improve range.

@user5 Any chance you can invite me to your site, and then let me know the moment devices appear to lose connectivity? I’ll reach out directly.

Sharing a post: Switch took a dive today
Not the exact same symptoms, has some a common theme. Have had to reboot devices recently again due to “the internet being terrible”.

May be worth tracking at the moment in case there is something to correlate, @Alta-Jeff

Yeah, I think it is getting worse.

I have had a disconnect again today (knocks off my ring alarm), and system was already rebooted today

I have to occasionally reboot one of my devices - I am also having issues with IPV6 but I am using OpenWRT on a raspi 5 which isn’t fully supported at the moment as my router which is in beta at the moment so I cannot say 100% it is an issue with the Alta APs

We have a new firmware coming out soon to fix a couple of issues, until then maybe we you can share the exact symptoms you’re noticing? And we can on each issue independently …