Any issues reported detecting Chromecasts from devices?

I have 2 AP6 pros and am having issues casting to my chromecasts as they don’t show up in some of my devices. (ie. it shows up on my Iphone, but not from my IPAD) My previous AP’s had no issues like this. Possible bug?

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Hi @Jlee1972. welcome to the community! It is possible the issue is a multicast issue. We have been working on dialing in multicast, and have made good progress. You can always reach out to @Alta-Jeff to see if he can work with you on it as well.

Many Thanks for the response! I’ll reach out to Jeff to see if he can help troubleshoot.

Hi @Alta-Jeff, Does the multicast issue also affect airprint and also RING IOT devices like cameras?

I don’t know about RING IoT, but I can definitely say yes on AirPrint.

Thanks @rutman286 ! ok I’m not losing my mind. It shows up about 25% of the time and then vanishes…

I am also having this issue with Chromecast devices. This is to the point my wife is complaining about how it never works. Hoping this can get fixed soon!

For me the multicast is affecting Sonos and AirPrint. My ring cameras and doorbell are fine but they are not multicast.

I have this exact same problem. One of my devices works flawlessly, while another one only works around 25% of the time. They are both on the same network (different from the Chromecast device) and running the same OS.

you and me both. Same situation. Had to revert to previous AP’s until this one is up and running. Airprint and Chromecasts are used a lot in my household

@Jlee1972 @Spruce47 @arb I am combing through old threads to make sure everyone has their reported issues resolved. Have you had a chance to deploy the latest firmware? If so, would you mind letting us know if you are seeing the issues you were seeing prior?

So far I have not encountered this issue since upgrading to the firmware that was released shortly after my previous post. (feature req, add release date to the Release Notes :wink: )

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So far so Good. Version G was the first version where the issues were resolved. Haven’t had any issues since! @Alta-Chase

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