Android app can't login

For some reason no matter what I try on the new android app I can’t login. I am getting an error of “you entered the wrong email and password combination, try again”. I use a password manager doing auto fill so the login is correct. What’s also odd is I get the MFA code via SMS right after I hit login as well. Is this a known issue? I can also log in on the Web just fine.

I have the exact same issue. Unable to login either with a password manager or by manually entering all details. Web login works fine. Also using 2FA if that helps at all.

Good morning! In the release notes for the android app it does say that * MFA Login support is pending. That may be the issue for you both at this time

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Ah, I missed that note.

In the interim, you can login to the Android app if you disable MFA. Once you login on the app you can re-enable MFA on the account. Don’t remove the TOTP codes from your password manager as you can use them when you re-enable MFA on your account.

Completely missed the MFA note. Can confirm the suggested workaround let me login to the app successfully.

I’m glad that helped. I saw discussions about this just a few days ago. I know the next feature being added to the Android app will be switch support, and I think MFA will be coming after that. Shouldn’t be too much longer before you’ll be able to use MFA with the app.