An unknown device appears in the Devices list?

A new device is displayed in my device list, I have connected a TPlink switch to port 21, also another TPLink switch to Port 22, the device at port 22 now suddenly appears in the device list?

Port 21 – TP Link Switch 1-- Printer

Port22 – TP Link Switch 2-- Ps5 and Desktop PC

Unfortunately I don’t know why the TP Link switch is now displayed? or why it doesn’t appear on port 21.

Please for tips. Thanks

In addition, the traffic display shows 0/0 on the PS5 and on the “unknown device” even though, according to the router, the line is about 90% busy. A game download is running on the PS5

I found the cause, the tpLink Switch has a switch for ‘loop protection’, I set it to off and now the tp link switch is no longer listed in the devices

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